Products in Action by Industry


myRack and BrickStor OS integrate seamlessly with the creative workflow process end-to-end and provide increased productivity, data visibility, and stability. And, because advertisers are handling their customer’s customer’s information they need the cyber data protection RackTop provides.


Financial services is an industry where speed and security is required. RackTop makes it easy for financial organizations to comply with regulatory requirements, protect critical data against human and natural disasters and deliver information at the speeds of the market.


Legal practices must operate more globally and efficiently allowing for secure access to data without risk of data loss or leakage. The ability to maintain documents and recall documents quickly can be paramount. Our ecosystem gives firms a leg up.


RackTop is the economic solution for traditional and virtual educational institutions. From providing the infrastructure for corporate IT to providing access to lab environments for students to rapidly simulate or prototype environments.


Our roots come from government service and we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the government from procurement, to security and resource scarcity.

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment has demanding storage workloads in both scale and performance. And over the past few years have been the unfortunate victims of several costly cyber attacks. RackTop’s data platform delivers MPAA compliance, cybersecurity and data storage that is ideal for the creative workflow.


Our technology further enables energy companies to manage their data to improve decision-making, accelerate exploration, optimize production, maximize profits, and streamline workflows.


In industry undergoing rapid technological and digital advancement that must continue to ensure data integrity, privacy, and availability. RackTop is uniquely position to help healthcare solve those challenges economically and with a clear vision.


Non-profit organizations are pushed to expend as much of their resources as possible on their core mission. RackTop’s data ecosystem provides a flexible global solution to non-profits that increases user productivity and eliminates the IT burden and costs that detract from the purpose of the organization.